(Left, Right) Hilary Whitcomb
Hilary Baird Story

When Hilary Baird transferred to Bakersfield in 2003, one of her dreams came true: she was able to buy her first home.

Hilary relocated from Northern California when the company she was with consolidated operations to its Bakersfield location. "It's a very friendly, close-knit community," Hilary says. "When I was out to dinner after a day of house hunting, three servers came over to tell me about the neighborhoods, which ones they recommend. That would never happen in the Bay Area.

"It only took me four days to find my house, and for a single woman (at the time) my age to be working in the department I want, and to be able to buy a brand new house — it doesn't get any better than this!

"There's a common decency here. Even though it's a community of a half a million people, there's still a small town feel to Bakersfield. All the culture of L.A. is only two hours away and I regularly attend various events there. I would be happy to live in Bakersfield forever."

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