(Left, Right) Nita & Tom Archambauld
Tom & Neta Archambault Love Retirement in Bakersfield

After spending 31 years in the Bay Area, Tom and Neta Archambault discovered Bakersfield on the internet while searching the Southwestern US for a retirement community. They fell in love with the town after visiting and bought a three-bedroom home in The Greens, an active retirement community within Seven Oaks.

The overwhelming friendliness of the community made their move to a new town much less intimidating. They were surprised by all the culture and entertainment available within Bakersfield. From the great performances of the Bakersfield Symphony, to the modern paintings at the Bakersfield Museum of Art, there are continually new experiences to discover here. They also love to travel and make the short trip to L.A. at least six times per year to attend the theater. Tom and Neta think Bakersfield is the perfect retirement community, and they have a more active social life than ever before.

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