(Left) Cyclists chat during a quick break
(Right) Sally, Karen and Nancy are contenders for the Bakersfield Triathlon
Outdoor Enthusiasts

Whether you're an avid competitor or a fifth grader who wants to ride with mom and dad, Bakersfield's cycling groups offer something for everyone. Being part of these groups is not only good exercise, but allows you make great friends.

From endurance-challenging rides in the foothills to pristine routes along the Kern River where only bikes are allowed to go, Kern County has ideal bike trails, which are rarely congested with passing cars, as well as a 40 mile bike path that is closed to motorized vehicles.

Cyclists even prefer Bakersfield's trails over bike trails in larger cities, as those are often too congested to provide an enjoyable ride. While pedestrians in some cities sometimes don't like to share the path with cyclists, in Bakersfield people pass one another and say, "Good Morning!"

Many grass-roots cycling groups exist, like the Kern Wheelmen, a 150-plus membership formed from local Bakersfield residents who plan events and rides that vary in skill level and cycling interests.

The cycling community is supportive, encouraging and life-changing for many people, who are amazed that they're able to achieve challenges they never before felt capable of attempting.

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