Unique, Quirky Sophistication

After wandering through the Bakersfield Museum of Art, experiencing a Basque dinner, taking in a concert or show at Buck Owens Crystal Palace or RaboBank Arena, and finishing it off with a visit to a local brewery you will have no doubt that Bakersfield has its own unique sophistication. A veritable melting pot of culture and excellence, Bakersfield is made up of both residents and leaders whose rich, life-experiences make them a valuable asset to the community they serve.

With its own art galleries, theaters and museums, Bakersfield has a wealth of culture available to residents. The Bakersfield Museum of Art showcases traveling collections and permanent pieces; stage performances can be enjoyed at the city's many theaters; and the RaboBank Arena and Convention Center offers a wide variety of entertainment from ice hockey to Division I college basketball to concerts by performers such as Elton John and Cher and shows such as "Disney on Ice," "Les Miserables," and Ringling Brothers Circus.

A great place to grow a family or simply grow old together, Bakersfield offers the superior lifestyle you've been looking for. Residents agree that whether you're a Bakersfield native or a transplant to the city, once you get here, you're gonna love it.

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